Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy ThinkSono AI license?

Currently, you can buy a ThinkSono AI license through our website. Please visit our pricing page to get started.

The following countries are currently supported:

U.S.A, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, India, Germany, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Can I cancel my subscription or get a refund?

Of course! You should be able to do it via the ThinkSono AI Dashboard (Login here). Click your profile on the top right hand side, select ‘Billing’ and you can cancel your subscription there.  If you are within the trial period this is free.

If you struggle, please email us at

What is the difference between ThinkSono AI and ThinkSono Guidance?

ThinkSono AI Training and ThinkSono Guidance (also known as AutoDVT) are separate products.

ThinkSono AI is not a medical device. It is our training solution and can only be used to support in learning POCUS but not to make any clinical decision.

ThinkSono Guidance may be used for clinical use in Europe under EU MDR (Class IIb). It is not FDA approved and therefore is not available in the U.S. For clinical use, please contact for more information and to have access to the ThinkSono Guidance software.


Can I use ThinkSono Guidance (also known as AutoDVT)?

Yes, but only in Europe as it is CE marked (EU MDR Class IIb) for clinical use. Reach out to us directly for more information via


Can you do scans other than DVT?

Yes! However, they are still in development.

We’d love to partner to develop more exam protocols! Please reach out at

Do I need any specific hardware?

In order to get the real-time AI experience you do need a Butterfly iQ (iOS)  or Clarius scanner (Android).

You can buy a Butterfly scanner directly from the Butterfly Store. More information also found at

You can buy a Clarius scanner directly from the Clarius Marketplace. More information also found at

Contact information

How can I contact ThinkSono?

You can simply email

Please specific with your enquiry and if you have an account with us, please state the email that you used to purchase a product if you wish to request a refund.