ThinkSono Learn – Digital Ultrasound Training

With ThinkSono Learn, non-specialist healthcare professionals learn to conduct select high-value ultrasound examinations via app-based didactic content, instructional video, 3D immersive video, virtual scanning and live AI-guided practice exams. Practice exams are uploaded to a dashboard for review and approval by experts.

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Clinical Video

Watch narrated videos for each clinical use case, with step-by-step instructions narrated over a real patient exam.

AR & Virtual Scanner

Dive deeper into the examination process with Augmented Reality (AR) and virtual scanning that can be manipulated, paused and repeated at any desired pace.

Practice Scans

Conduct a series of practice exams with and without AI-guidance. Examine a wide distribution of the most common presentations, and send practice exams for feedback or grading.

Compliance & Testing

Complete an in-app assessment covering common pathology and presentations, as well as the required steps to safely and comprehensively operate the software.

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