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Did you know that DVT kills more than 800,000 people every year? This is more than breast cancer, prostate cancer, AIDS and car accidents combined.  

Did you know that DVT is preventable? This makes it the number one cause of preventable  hospital death. Right now, only an expert doctor can diagnose DVT using ultrasound. That’s a bottleneck.

We have created the world‘s first software to assess deep vein thrombosis. (DVT) at the point of care. Our AutoDVT-software empowers any healthcare worker to perform a DVT-exam in less than 10 minutes. It cuts short the clinical pathway, drastically reduces hospital costs and improves patient outcomes. 

Our mission is to enable any healthcare professional in the world to feel confident using ultrasound. Many more applications are in the pipeline.

We‘re a VC-backed startup based in London and Berlin with an international team of engineers, academics, and clinicians. We‘d love to get in touch with proactive and clever minds who want to support our mission!

Make a difference in patient care. Using software.


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Job Application

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