Ultrasound. For everyone.

ThinkSono AI Training enables any healthcare professional to learn and practice point-of-care (POCUS) ultrasound via real-time AI-guidance, training modules and expert feedback.

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Note: iOS App only works with Butterfly iQ Scanners. Android App only works with Clarius Scanners. Please see FAQ for more information. If you wish to use ThinkSono Guidance (CE Class IIb certified) for clinical decisions please go here or email us directly at hello@thinksono.com

Our Ultrasound Training Offering

ThinkSono AI Training will offer a full suite of POCUS applications for every use case.

Lower Extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis

Abdominal Trauma

Coming Soon

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysim

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Meet ThinkSono AI Training

Accelerate your ultrasound training


AI-powered annotations provide real-time guidance visualizing key anatomy. Users easily manipulate the probe to capture the correct data in the right sequence.


Interactive step-by-step training in the app allows non-specialists to quickly learn and practice ultrasound examinations.

Expert Feedback

Exams are uploaded to our cloud platform where an expert or colleague can comment on the procedure and rate image quality.

Solving a worldwide problem

99% of healthcare staff don’t have ultrasound experience – resulting in worse patient outcomes.

Ultrasound is the least invasive and most portable imaging modality in medicine. Although it is a life saving tool, access is extremely limited, negatively impacting outcomes for millions of patients.

The ThinkSono AI Platform brings ultrasound to the 99%. Focusing on key time-sensitive clinical use cases, our platform lets you learn ultrasound anywhere, anytime, ultimately improving access to care and patient outcomes worldwide.

Learn and Practice Ultrasound Anywhere

Using a handheld ultrasound scanner with a mobile device, non-specialist healthcare professionals learn and practice how to carry out POCUS ultrasound exams.

Mobile App

Our mobile app interacts directly with the ultrasound scanner, enabling simultaneous scanning and AI-guidance for training. Exams are uploaded to the Cloud Dashboard to receive feedback from an expert or colleague.

Cloud Dashboard

Our web-based dashboard opens in any browser, allowing experts or a colleague to log in and provide remote feedback. An SMS notification can be sent to a trainer to to review the cine loops via their phone.

ThinkSono AI Training is not a medical device and is not FDA/CE approved. It is only to be used for training purposes for healthcare staff. No clinical decision can be made using ThinkSono AI Training. ThinkSono AI Training is a separate product from ThinkSono Guidance. ThinkSono Guidance has a Class IIb CE mark only. Not FDA cleared. Click here for more information.

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